Two teams bought tickets for the Champions League tour

Two teams bought tickets for the Champions League tour

Results of the night in the Champions League: two teams qualified

The fourth day of the Champions League opened with 8 matches played in groups E, F, G and H. In the night’s match, Milan beat PSG 2-1, while the match with the highest score was It was played between Atlético de Madrid and Celtic.

In Group E, Atlético de Madrid defeated Celtic, who were down to 10 men in the 23rd minute, 6-0. Our national footballer Çağlar Söyüncü entered the game in the 77th minute. In the other group match, Lazio beat Feyenoord 1-0 with a goal from Immobile in the last minute of the first half and was in 2nd place with 7 points.

In the group, Atlético de Madrid is the leader with 8 points in the last two weeks, while Feyenoord is in third place with 6 points. Celtic are in last place with 1 point.


In the match of the night, Milan took their claim to the last two weeks by beating PSG 2-1 at home. While PSG took a 1-0 lead with Skriniar’s goal in the 9th minute, Milan made it 1-1 3 minutes later with an elegant goal from Leao. Giroud marked the result of the match with a header in the 50th minute.

In the other group match, Dortmund beat Newcastle United 2-0 at home.

In Group F, Dortmund is the leader with 7 points, PSG is with 6 points, Milan is in 3rd place with 5 points, while Newcastle United is in last place with 4 points.


Reigning champion Manchester City rose to 12 points by beating Young Boys 3-0 in an easy match without giving its rival a chance to shoot. While Haaland led his team with 2 goals, the other goal came from Foden.

While Manchester City advanced to the next round, Leipzig secured their ticket to the round of 16 by beating Red Star 2-1 in Serbia and moving up to 9 points.


Shakhtar maintained their claim to be in the top two by beating Barcelona 1-0, who were against them 3 out of 3. Porto, for their part, beat Antwerp 2-0 at home with goals from Evanilson and Pep and was left with 9 points. Antwer’s 2 best chances in the group have vanished.

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