The question he asked shaped Altay’s career!

The question he asked shaped Altay’s career!

Altay Bayındır’s career was marked by the question he asked his mother!

Turkish goalkeeper Altay Bayındır, who was transferred to Manchester United, one of the English Premier League teams, at the beginning of the season, was the guest of the podcast published on Manchester United TV. The national athlete responded to questions from former Manchester United footballer David May and presenter Sam Homewood.

Altay Bayındır’s answers are as follows:

Sam Homewood’s question “What was the most important game or team that you thought you should pay attention to while you were at Fenerbahçe?” Responding to the question about Galatasaray, Bayındır said:

“Galatasaray was the biggest derby. The games we played with Beşiktaş were also great, but Galatasaray was different and I loved that atmosphere.”

David May said: “We stayed in a hotel on the Bosphorus before the game against Galatasaray, and Galatasaray fans were walking up and down the hotel and making noise all night to keep us awake. But I can say that Türkiye had by far the best and most dangerous atmosphere.” saying.


Explaining how he started as a goalkeeper, Bayındır said: “I would never go to the goalkeeper position while playing a game in the outfield. I am always a forward. Actually. My first position I played was defense, then I played forward. The rest is another story, one day I played for my first club, Bursaspor, and then I was a defender. One day, when the goalkeeper couldn’t come to training, our coach told me: “Altay, you are tall, go to the goal, but there is no time to enjoy.” I wanted to play defense and forward, but I said well, let’s try it. I got to the goal and I felt great. When the ball came, I was jumping towards the ball and everyone was yelling at me saying you can do it. When the ball came towards me and I caught it, everyone was shouting “You’re great, come on.” “When it came to saving a penalty, there was no one better than me.” saying.

The United player claimed that he was struck by the goalkeepers wearing different uniforms and said: “I was watching all the games at the time. All the players were the same but the goalkeeper wore different shirts. “I really liked this.” he said.


Bayındır stated that he consulted his mother before becoming a goalkeeper and also explained the dialogue between him and his mother: “My mother was in the kitchen and I asked her: “What do you think of my current position? I can play forward. “Or I can go to the finish line,” I said. Although I didn’t know much, I knew a little, because we watched the game every day at home. And she told me: “You can go to the finish line, it will be better for you.” “You are tall and you should run less there.” saying.

Bayındır completed his speech by addressing his mother and said: “My mother, thank you for everything. I love being in the castle. I love my position. It’s very different and difficult, of course. It’s hard, but catching the ball is a great feeling. When I caught the ball, everyone said with me: “Yes, we did it, yes!” she says.

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