Tonali’s statement was revealed! It also worries Zaniolo closely

Tonali’s statement was revealed!  It also worries Zaniolo closely

Sandro Tonali’s statement revealed! It is also about Nicolo Zaniolo.

Sandro Tonali’s statement came to light in the investigation into illegal betting carried out by the General Prosecutor’s Office of Turin, in Italy, which also included the name of Nicolo Zaniolo, who went from Galatasaray to Aston Villa on loan with an option for sale.

As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport, Tonali, in his statement yesterday before the sports prosecutor of the Italian Football Federation, admitted that he also bet on the matches of his former team, Milan, in whose squad he was last season.

In his statement, Tonali was quoted as saying that he bet on matches he did not play in in Milan. It was written that the Italian footballer’s punishment for betting on his team’s matches will be greater and he could be suspended from the playing field for at least a year.

It was also claimed that Nicolo Fagioli, who plays for Juventus and received a reduced 7-month suspension for cooperating with the federation, mentioned Tonali as the person who showed him the illegal betting sites. It was also claimed that Fagioli had serious debts due to the bet, that he was threatened for these debts and that he had to ask for a loan from his companions.


His club, Newcastle United, issued a statement regarding Sandro Tonali’s situation.

The club’s statement states that they were in contact with the 23-year-old footballer, who is being investigated in his country for illegal betting, and stated: “Sandro is very interested in the investigation launched against him.” and he will continue to act in cooperation with the authorities. He and his family receive all the support of our club. “In order not to affect the investigation, Sandro and the club will not make any further statements on this matter.”


Fagioli, who played for Juventus for the first time in August, participated in the investigation launched in May by the Turin Prosecutor General’s Office in Italy against some online betting sites, based on the anti-mafia investigation.

After Fagioli, Nicolo Zaniolo, 24, who plays for Aston Villa in England, and Tonali, who plays for Newcastle United, were also mentioned in the investigation into illegal betting. For this reason, Zaniolo and Tonali left the camp after giving a statement to the police at the Italian National Team camp on October 12.


While Fagioli and Tonali admitted that they gambled, Zaniolo claimed that he did not bet on football.

Although the 21-year-old midfielder Nicola Zalewski, who plays for Roma, was also mentioned in the issue of illegal betting, so far the press has not received any information from the judicial authorities about the participation of the Polish player in the investigation.

In Italy, a player who bets on football matches can be punished with a three-year suspension. This penalty may be increased if it is determined that the player has bet on the matches of the club in which he plays. (AA)

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