Biden wins delegates in Wyoming and Alaska as he moves toward a Democratic nomination

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Biden wins delegates in Wyoming and Alaska as he moves toward a Democratic nomination


April 13, 2024

President Biden has moved closer to the Democratic nomination for re-election by winning party contests in Wyoming and Alaska.

As two of the least populated states, Alaska and Wyoming play a minuscule role


votes within the party and in general elections during presidential elections.

Biden effectively clinched the Democratic nomination on March 12 by winning the Georgia primary and will now almost certainly face former President Trump in November.


Alaska Democrats held a ballot vote for their party-organized preference poll during in-person and virtual district meetings. The party announced on Saturday that Biden had won 15 pledged delegates.

Biden was the only candidate eligible to receive votes after the other Democrat who qualified, Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota, suspended his campaign last month. The vote took place during meetings where other parties were conducting business

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The elections were postponed for a week. Democrats had scheduled a ranked-choice vote by mail on April 6, but that didn’t happen

that those plans

changed when only Biden and Phillips qualified for the vote and Phillips left the race.

Changes to the voting procedure were approved by the Democratic National Committee.

There were no provisions for registered or uncommitted voters, said Lindsay Kavanaugh, executive director of the Alaska Democratic Party.

There is no way to vote no, she said. You can abstain. You don’t vote yes or no, you vote for a candidate.

The party continued to vote, even with just one candidate, to ensure they were as inclusive as possible, she said, and to avoid any suggestion that party leaders would decide


candidates themselves.


In Wyoming, Biden won the election to determine which candidate received the state’s 17 national delegates.

The caucuses also decided who goes to the state’s Democratic convention


June 1 in Casper. There, 13 delegates to Wyoming’s national conventions will be elected.

Wyoming’s other four automatic national delegates are the state party chairman, vice chairman and two national committee members, who have not yet pledged to Biden or anyone else.

Bohrer and Gruver write for the Associated Press. Bohrer reported from Juneau and Gruver from Cheyenne, Wyo.


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