Justice Department Condemns GOP Attempt to Detain Atty. General Garland disdains Biden’s audio

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Justice Department Condemns GOP Attempt to Detain Atty. General Garland disdains Biden’s audio

Election 2024

Farnoush Amiri

April 8, 2024

The Justice Department on Monday dismissed Republicans’ attempt to seize Att


j. Gen.


Merrick Garland expresses contempt for his refusal to turn over unredacted materials related to the special counsel’s investigation into President Biden’s handling of classified documents.

In a letter obtained by the Associated Press, the Justice Department rejected House Republicans’ demands that the agency turn over the entire audio of special counsel Robert Hur’s hours-long interviews with Biden and his ghostwriter. Republicans had given the Justice Department until Monday to provide the audio.

Assistant Att


j. Gen.


Carlos Uriarte, head of congressional affairs at the Justice Department, said in the letter to representatives. James Komer


and Jim Jordan


that despite Republican Party claims to the contrary, the department has complied with each of the four elements of the subpoena sent by House Republicans in February.

Biden and Trump: How the investigations into two classified documents came to different ends

“The committee’s response is difficult to explain in terms of a lack of information or frustration of any information or investigative mission, given the department’s actual conduct,” Uriarte wrote. We are therefore concerned that the committees are disappointed not because you did not receive information, but because you did.

He added: We urge the Committees to avoid rather than seek conflict.

The recoil of


department and its apparent reluctance to provide the audio could set off a legal battle between the White House and the Republican chairmen leading the contempt efforts on Capitol Hill, potentially creating a scenario in which Biden would have to exercise executive privilege to stop the release of the audio. before Congress.

The maneuvering could also delay the release of audio until after the November election.

The letter is just the latest flashpoint between Republicans investigating Biden and the Justice Department, charged with overseeing a host of politically charged federal investigations, including one into the president’s son.


Hunter Biden.

Congressional hearing on Biden’s classified documents investigation turns into proxy campaign battle

Hur spent a year investigating Biden’s unlawful retention of classified documents from his time as a senator and as vice president. The result was a 345-page report that questioned Biden’s age and mental competency but recommended no criminal charges be filed against the 81-year-old president, saying insufficient evidence was found to make a case for to allow the court to stand.

Last month, Hur stood by the assessment from his report in testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, where he was questioned for more than four hours by


Democratic and Republican lawmakers.

What I wrote is what I believe the evidence shows, and what I expect jurors to perceive and believe, Hur told lawmakers. I haven’t cleaned up my explanation. Nor have I unfairly discredited the president.

Amiri writes for the Associated Press.


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