Stormy Daniels claims in a new documentary that Donald Trump cornered her the night they met


Stormy Daniels claims in a new documentary that Donald Trump cornered her the night they met

Maira Garcia

March 7, 2024

Stormy Daniels goes into new details in documentary about her alleged sexual encounter with the former president in 2006


Trump, who said she was cornered by him in his hotel room the night they met, and that she blames herself for not stopping him.

The adult filmmaker makes the revelation in ‘Stormy’, an almost two-hour documentary


premieres March 18 on Peacock. It was directed by Sarah Gibson and produced by Erin Lee Carr and features interviews with Seth Rogen, Jimmy Kimmel,

here Daniels’

family and friends, and several journalists, including New Yorkers Olivia Nuzzi and Denver Nicks, who began a relationship with Daniels while filming some scenes in the movie.

‘Stormy’ describes the moments before Daniels met Trump and

everything all

that has happened since, including a $130,000 hush money payment, first reported by the Wall Street Journal, that prosecutors say Trump made to Daniels just before the 2016 presidential election. That payment ultimately led to his indictment in New York last year for falsifying cases Prosecutors say it was part of a catch-and-kill scheme. Trump has denied the relationship and said he knew nothing about the payment, but his former lawyer Michael Cohen has tested that Trump ordered it.



previously told her story about the alleged sexual encounter with Trump on CBS’ “60 Minutes” in 2018, saying it was consensual. But in ‘Stormy’ her story is different

: about what happened the night she went to his hotel room.

She says that after meeting him in his hotel room and having a conversation, she went to the bathroom, came out and was cornered by him.

“I don’t remember how I got on the bed, and the next thing I know he was hopping away and telling me how great I was,” she says. ‘It was horrible. But I didn’t say no.’

In the second half of the documentary, she says, “I insisted it wasn’t rape in any way. But I didn’t say no because I was nine years old again.” In the film, she discusses how she was sexually abused as a child by a neighbor, something she revealed in her 2018 memoir ‘Full Disclosure’.

She also expresses her regret for not trying to stop him.

“To this day I blame myself and I haven’t forgiven myself because I didn’t cut him off at the time, so maybe give him a break before he tries it with someone else,” she says. “The hardest part of all this is that I feel like I’m partly responsible for every woman who could have come after me.”

The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Peacock, when asked whether the filmmakers gave Trump a chance to respond to the documentary’s claims, did not immediately respond to The Times’ query. The press screener viewed by The Times does not address the issue.

In 2006, Trump was at the height of his “Apprentice” fame and attended a charity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Nev., where Wicked Pictures, the studio Daniels worked for, sponsored a hole. Daniels, who worked the Wicked booth at the tournament, posed for a photo with Trump, a now famous image, and was invited to dinner with him. She says in the documentary that she initially rejected the invitation, but accepted after a conversation with her publicist.

She explains that she arrived at his hotel early, and Trump told her to come to his room and they could go back down later. Once in his room, she says she had a conversation with him about her career, that they had a strong bond and that nothing raised any red flags.

“He wasn’t interested in the sexual performances. It was all about business,” she says.

After suggesting to Daniels that he could try to get her on ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ Daniels says

in the movie,

Trump told her she reminded him of his daughter Ivanka. “I felt like he could identify with me as a father figure who saw his daughter being treated in a certain way. I thought we had mutual respect,” she says.

Then the dynamics changed.

“And the last thing I remember was, ‘I could totally handle him if I wanted to yell or fight, but I’m not supposed to act like that,’” explaining that as a Southerner she “had learned to respect and be a good girl’ towards the elderly and men.

Daniels also talks about the harassment and threats she has received since coming forward with her story.

a lot of

which have become increasingly vicious

what made her do that

fear for her life and that of her daughter. She also describes what happened to her former lawyer Michael Avenatti, who was convicted in 2022 of stealing her book proceeds. He appealed the conviction, but it was unanimously upheld by a federal appeals court on Wednesday.

Nevertheless, Daniels says she wants to remain open about what happened between her and Trump

because it is the truth


and that she wants to explain why, including how

she feels like the justice system has failed her.

“I’m here today to tell my story and even if I change just a few people’s minds, that’s fine. If not, at least my daughter can look back on this and know the truth.”

“I’ve had such a huge, long career where I was never asked to do anything I didn’t want to do, especially with my body or sexually.” She said that when he invited her to dinner, she said no. She said she then spoke to her publicist who suggested she meet Trump so she could at least have a good laugh or get a story out of it. Speaking of the book announcement on “The View,” people just appreciated the salacious details. When I came out of that bathroom and Trump was standing there in his underwear, so right. I remember thinking, “Oh, f– how did I get into this?” I felt like I had been misled and cheated. I can’t even find the words, but I thought we had mutual respect. You know, I’ve maintained that it wasn’t rape in any way. But I didn’t say no, because I was 9 years old again. And the last thing I remember was, “I could totally handle him if I wanted to yell or fight, but I’m not supposed to act like that.” There’s that whole dynamic because I was from the South and he was an elder and a man and I was taught to show respect and be a good girl. People say you can’t abuse a porn star. That is not true. What Trump said about grabbing women by the pussy, he wasn’t wrong. Women make you grab them by the pussy because, especially when they’re famous, or whatever his direct quote was, he shouldn’t have said it, he should never have done it, but he’s not wrong. And I don’t know if they are [uses air quotes] you allow it, but they don’t tell you not to, and that’s what happened to me. Trump has openly admitted and bragged about this kind of behavior, and when someone gets away with something, he becomes bolder. they become bolder, they become more aggressive. To this day I blame myself and I haven’t forgiven myself because I didn’t shut him up at the time, so maybe give him a break before he tries it with someone else. The hardest part of all of this is that I feel like I’m partially responsible for every woman who could have come after me. “He forged my signature and stole my money.” Claims Michael Avenatti stole one of her book payments. Forging her name to pay for his lavish lifestyle. “Michael Avenatti. He betrayed me in every way possible. And when it comes to someone you trusted and thought was your friend, it’s really heartbreaking and disturbing, which became this pattern with the people closest to stood before me.” Stormy turned down at the Canadian border for a tour. Border Patrol agent said FBI database was holding her on multiple charges, tampered. Avenatti was found guilty of stealing book advances. March 2023, after Trump’s indictment in New York on charges that he tried to cover up two stories about women, the catch and kill plot. “When the indictment happened, Michael Coen even texted me and expressed his extreme fear for my safety.” “Somehow our address was leaked online again, and in an attempt to lure my horse out so I would go out next, they shot him with a rubber bullet. [Close up of horse’s hind, where a scar can be seen] The justice system has failed me and it has absolutely failed me in every way. It didn’t protect me if I reported that I was being threatened or that someone was attacking my horse, and that’s one of the hardest parts of this. There is a scene near the end of the film where Stormy reads her answers, many of which are threatening and derogatory. Her husband tries to get her to stop reading aloud because she becomes even more upset and her voice starts to crack. “In 2018 it was things like, “Liar.” Slut. Gold digger.” “This time it’s very different. They are direct threats. It’s: I’ll come to your house and slit your throat. Your daughter must be euthanized. They don’t even use bot accounts. They use their real accounts. I compare them to suicide bombers. They legitimately think what they’re doing is right. Those people who see me as a villain, it makes me scratch my head and wonder how they want their daughters to be treated. Looking at court documents and transcripts. I wanted to die. If I had all these legal bills, I would never have been able to pay them. Clark is the only one who helps me. Until recently I wasn’t worried. They try to bleed her out. Wicked pre-structural misogyny in the system.Ari MSNBC legal correspondentShe told the truth and she paid a price. It’s probably the first thing everyone who meets her asks her about. Her daughter has to deal with it. It’s just not something that goes away. Jimmy KimmelI don’t know if I’m much of a warrior if I don’t have a fuck anymore. I don’t have a fuck anymore. And I won’t give up because I’m telling the truth. And I don’t even know if it matters.


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