California voters can shape control of Congress

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California voters can shape control of Congress

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Julia Wick

March 5, 2024

Deep blue California has long been a Democratic stronghold in presidential contests. But far from the azure coastline and sapphire urban centers, the state remains a battleground for several seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

That is especially true this year. While Republicans a

wafer-thin three-seater

majority and California home to several swing seats, control of Congress in 2025 could very well be decided by voters in the Golden State’s suburbs.

Primary election results: Congress and California

The stage is being set for the hotly contested races in Southern and Central California during Tuesday’s primaries, with the top two finishers advancing to November’s general election.


In addition to the partisan noise and anger, there are also several fiercely competitive local House races in predominantly Democratic districts, including the battles for outgoing

Adam B. Schiff’s Representatives

and Grace F. Napolitanos Chairs in the Los Angeles area. Because of California’s open primaries, these races could see two Democrats advance to the November ballot.

Here’s a look at it




Here’s a look at the latest results, updated from TK, in some of the most followed races. Los Angeles area

27th arrondissement: The northern Los Angeles County seat, currently held by Rep. Mike Garcia (R-Santa Clarita), will likely be as well


be one of the most competitive partisan House races in the country this November. With both parties coalescing around their respective candidates, Democrat George Whitesides is favored to emerge from the primary to run against Garcia in the fall. A second Democrat, business owner Steve Hill, is also on the ballot in the district that includes Palmdale, Lancaster and Santa Clarita.

As of TK pm, TK was in first place with TK% of the votes, TK was in second place with TK% and TK TK.

29th arrondissement: This safely Democratic seat stretches from the southeast to the northeast of the San Fernando Valley and has been held by retiring Rep. Tony Crdenas (D-Pacoima) since 2013. Establishment support has rallied around MP Luz Rivas, who is favored to take the seat. in November. Republican Benito Benny Bernal and Democrat Anglica Mara Dueas are also on the ballot.

30th arrondissement: A crowd of prominent elected officials are vying to represent much of Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Burbank, Glendale and Pasadena, a seat Schiff has held since 2001. State Senator Anthony Portantino (D-Burbank), Assemblywoman Laura Friedman (D-Glendale), former LA City Atty. Mike Feuer and LA Unified school board member Nick Melvoin are largely seen as the most competitive candidates in the predominantly Democratic district.

31st arrondissement: Voters in the San Gabriel Valley will elect a new representative for the first time in a generation, following Napolitano’s retirement. Prominent candidates for the safe Democratic seat include former Rep. Gil Cisneros and Secretaries of State Bob Archuleta and Susan Rubio.

Orange County Rocking Chairs

40th arrondissement: In an inland suburban district mostly in Orange County, with parts of Riverside and San Bernardino counties, incumbent Republican Rep. Young Kim is running against two Democratic challengers: Joe Kerr, a retired fire captain, and Allyson Muiz Damikolas, a Tustin. Board member of the Unified School District. With Jong


To make it to the runoff, the question is which Democrat will join her on the ballot in what is sure to be a nationally watched general election race.

45th arrondissement: Republican Rep. Michelle Steel is fending off four Democratic challengers Kim Nguyen-Penaloza, Derek Tran, Aditya Pai and Cheyenne Hunt for a seat in inland Orange County, which includes part of Los Angeles County. As in the 40th District, the question is which Democrat will run against Steel in the fall.

47th arrondissement: With incumbent Rep. Katie Porter (D-Irvine) joining Schiff in the Senate race, her seat in the Orange County House is wide open for the taking. Republican Scott Baugh, who narrowly defeated Porter in 2022, is again vying for the largely coastal, affluent seat with the support of the state GOP. Two Democrats Joanna Weiss and Senator Dave Min are also in the race.

San Joaquin Valley

22nd arrondissement: Will the bloody battles between fellow Democrats, Sen. Melissa Hurtado and former lawmaker Rudy Salas, potentially split the Democratic vote enough to allow two Republicans to advance to the general election in this hotly contested House of Representatives seat? That’s the existential fear for Democrats, who hope to win back the heavily agricultural district from vulnerable Republican incumbent Rep. David Valadao.

Valadao is also being challenged from the right by a fellow Republican, former Fresno City Councilman Chris Mathys. President Biden won the district in the 2020 election and it is poised to become one of the most competitive districts in the country in November unless a Democrat fails to reach the runoff.

20th arrondissement: In one of California’s reddest corners, candidates are trying to replace former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in a district that includes parts of Fresno, Kern, Kings and Tulare counties. Candidates include Tulare County Sheriff Mike Boudreaux and Assemblymember Vince Fong (R-Bakersfield), who is endorsed by McCarthy and former President Trump.

Voters will have two separate elections for the seat within two weeks. In addition to the March 5 primary for the next term, a special election is also scheduled for March 19 to fill out the remainder of McCarthy’s term. The winner of the special election will serve in Congress until January 2025, when the next congressional term begins.


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