Biden’s legal team went to the Justice Department over what they saw as digs at his memory

FILE - Robert Bauer is seen in his office in Washington, April 30, 2008. Bauer, President Joe Biden's personal attorney, said Sunday, Feb. 11, 2024, on CBS'

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Biden’s legal team went to the Justice Department over what they saw as digs at his memory


February 11, 2024



Biden’s personal attorney said Sunday that he had gone to both the special counsel and the attorney general to express his concerns about what he viewed as pejorative and unnecessary digs at the president’s memory.

This is a report that has gone off the rails, Bob Bauer said on CBS’ “Face the Nation”


Sunday. It’s a poor work product.

The special counsel investigated whether the president mishandled classified documents during his previous roles as vice president and senator and concluded this week that no criminal charges were warranted.

But in building his argument for why charges were not necessary, special prosecutor Robert Hur, who was appointed by Att


j. Gen.


Merrick Garland, who explained in part that Biden’s defense of any potential charges could be that: Mr. Biden would likely present himself to a jury, as he did during our interview with him, as a likable, well-meaning, older man with a bad memory.

And then he cited examples in which researchers said the president’s memory faded, including after his eldest son, Beau, died. The comments about Beau Biden in particular infuriated the president, who has been very open about his grief over his son’s death and spoke about him often.

How on earth does he dare to bring that up,” Biden asked angrily after the publication of the report. Honestly, when I was asked the question, I thought to myself, was that their damn business?

Biden’s age is already a concern for voters. Democrats are now answering widespread questions about the 81-year-old president’s age and readiness by affirming Biden’s fitness to be commander in chief and seeking to discredit people who portray him.


weak. First Lady Jill Biden wrote a letter to donors on Saturday questioning whether these comments were politically motivated; it generated the most money in donations of any email since Biden launched his campaign.

Bauer, who is married to Biden’s top White House aide, Anita Dunn, said he expressed concern about the inclusion of these details with both Hur and Garland, which he viewed as a violation of Justice Department standards. which are essentially aimed at preventing the rule of law from being biased. public against people who have not been accused of a crime. But the appeal failed.

It’s clear he was committed to making the report public the way the special counsel wrote it, Bauer said.

Former Trump deputy Att


j. Gen.


Rod Rosenstein defends the report on CNN’


State of the Union



When you conduct a criminal investigation, some of the information you discover and some of the things you evaluate do not necessarily place the subject in a favorable light. And normally that is not published. And I think that’s a good thing, he said. It is unfortunate that the special counsel process results in public reports that reveal issues that would otherwise remain hidden in the Justice Department’s files.

The president spoke with investigators for hours, just as he did in October. There were seven attacks on Israel by Hamas. He said he answered the questions truthfully and to the best of his knowledge.

Bauer argued that what didn’t make the report were moments when the president deconstructed questions from investigators and when the special counsel noted that he would take Biden through events that happened many years ago, noting that he simply had to give his opinion. best memory.

He said the special counsel decided in a very misleading manner which references made it in and which did not.

Bauer also suggested there was political pressure on the Justice Department, which is prosecuting former President Donald Trump for refusing to turn over a trove of classified documents as well as his role in the Jan. 6 case.


Violence at the US Capitol and denounced by Trump and others as biased and that his prosecution represents a two-tiered justice system.

Hur is a Republican and former US attorney under Trump.

So you have to wonder, given the outside pressure being placed on the investigation, knowing the attacks that Republicans have made on the law enforcement process, has he decided that we should ask that we reach the only possible legal conclusion and then do the rest throw in? of placing a particular political constituency? asked farmer.

The Ministry of Justice has not responded to the criticism.


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