Biden signs bill to prevent partial government shutdown

(Mariam Zuhaib/Associated Press)

Biden signs bill to prevent partial government shutdown

Associated press

January 19, 2024



Biden signed a short-term spending bill on Friday that will keep the federal government operational until early March.

The bill avoids what would happen


From Saturday there was a partial government shutdown. It does not discuss additional aid for Ukraine, which remains in limbo as key lawmakers continue to negotiate a border security measure that would come with more aid for Kiev.

Congress passed the short-term bill with large bipartisan majorities ahead of the winter snowstorm that hit Washington, D.C., on Friday


Thursday. The vote was 77-18 in the Senate and 314-108 in the House of Representatives.

Under the bill, funding for agencies that oversee agriculture, veterans affairs, energy, transportation and housing will run until March 1. Funding for the rest of the federal government now runs until March 8. The intention is to give the legislation additional time to prepare expenditures for the entire year. invoices until the end of the financial year


September 30th.


Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) will continue to face pressure from conservatives in the House of Representatives who want him to abandon a bipartisan deal that sets the total spending level for those bills at $1.66 trillion for an entire year. Those conservatives say that’s too much money, but Democrats and moderate Republicans say Congress should stick to that agreement and avoid legislative disruption during an election year.


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