Kevin McCarthy gives bold response for his latest government crackdown

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Kevin McCarthy gives bold response for his latest government crackdown

California Politics

Believe E. Pinho

January 3, 2024

Former House Speaker and Representative Kevin McCarthy is barely out of office and yet his next gubernatorial gig is already lined up: jury duty.


The Bakersfield Republican posted on his social media accounts Tuesday that he was putting an end to questions about his next move after leaving Congress in December.

“There has been a lot of speculation about what I will do next,” he wrote. “I’m ready to put an end to the rumors. I’m on jury duty!’

U.S. law exempts elected officials from the requirement to attend jury services. However, just days after his retirement from public office, McCarthy was welcomed back into his private life with a subpoena from the Kern County courts, and unlike the January 6 House Committee subpoena, he did not defend it .

McCarthy announced his abrupt resignation from Congress in early December, just months after a small group of Republicans joined Democrats in ousting McCarthy from his role as leader of the House of Representatives. After the history-making vote, McCarthy suppressed rumors that he would seek the position again. McCarthy served as the 55th Speaker of the House of Representatives for 269 days. His 16 years in Congress ended in December. 31.

The former congressman has remained tight-lipped about his next steps as a private citizen, although with his fundraising prowess and experience as a state and federal lawmaker, many have speculated that he will remain politically involved from the private sector. His first step after leaving Capitol Hill, however, was to get a taste of another branch of government.


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