Really young voters? Do you want to teach the Democrats a lesson by letting Trump back into the White House?

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Really young voters? Do you want to teach the Democrats a lesson by letting Trump back into the White House?

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Robin Abcarian

January 3, 2024

I nearly spit out my Geritol recently when I read what a young voter in Philadelphia told NBC News about why she is disillusioned about the upcoming presidential election.

I don’t think the presidency has too much of an impact on what happens in my daily life, said Pru Carmichael, who supported Biden in 2020 but says she won’t vote for president at all this year if she has to. choosing between the disappointing incumbent and former President Trump.


Maybe she believes she will never have an unintended, unwanted pregnancy. (If she does, she’s lucky to live in Pennsylvania, where abortion is still legal.)

But how can she not appreciate the profound changes that Trump’s presidency has brought to this country? If there had been no President Trump, there would be no ultra

conservative majority on the Supreme Court, overturning almost no Dobbs decision




A century of reproductive rights, no outright abortion ban in 13 states, and no suffering for people like Kate Cox of Texas, who was forced to seek abortion care in another state after the Texas Supreme Court said she had lost her severely compromised fetus, which suffered from it. could not abort a condition that was incompatible with life.

In 2020, the youngest American voters were squarely in Biden’s corner. According to exit polls that is 65%

18 to 24

years old chose him, the largest percentage of any age group. And yet, if recent national polls are to be believed,

voters up to 34 years old

have become disenchanted with the president. Perhaps this is a reflection of the impatience of the youth, or, worse, a fundamentally weak understanding of how government operates.

Listen to some

younger voters

told NBC News they are angry about: the country’s slow pace in reversing climate change, Biden’s inability to fully cancel student loan debt, his


to federally codify the right to abortion and, perhaps most starkly, addressing Israel’s war against Hamas and the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

I mean, he made a lot of big promises in his campaign and virtually none of them were kept, one poll respondent, Austin Kapp, 25, of Colorado, told NBC News.

Hi there. The president does not operate in a vacuum.



tried to cancel student loan debt and succeeded in forgiving nearly $132 billion of it, but the Supreme Court’s right-wing majority blocked his plan to forgive much more.

He tried to codify Roe, but failed to rank


the 60 votes needed to overcome a Republican filibuster in the Senate.

And what has Trump done about abortion, other than taking credit for its overthrow?


Roe vs. Wade?

He is and

Calling on Republicans to Mislead Voters: To win in 2024, Republicans must learn how to talk about abortion the right way, he told a group of Iowa supporters in September. This issue is costing us unnecessary but a lot of money in the meantime.

We now know, thanks to the horrific experience of Cox and other women who filed suit in Texas, that the idea of ​​an exception to the abortion ban for cases of rape, incest, fetal abnormalities or the health of the pregnant woman is meaningless. more than a blistering lie, a miracle that makes the abortion ban anything more palatable to the majority of Americans who support a woman’s right to choose.

As for the Middle East crisis, even if you agree with Biden’s handling of it


has been wrong, why would anyone think that Trump, an outspoken supporter of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, would handle it better, especially if your sympathies lie more with


Palestinians became involved in the violence as Israeli governments responded to the October attacks. 7 Hamas attack?

During his campaign, Trump has signaled a lack of involvement in the conflict, suggesting he would allow this to happen. His only concrete suggestion? In an interview with Univision in November, he said that, frankly, Israel needed to do a better job at public relations because the other side is beating them at public relations.

He has also promised to revoke the student visas of radical anti-American and anti-Semitic foreigners at our colleges and universities, and we will send them home immediately. (Muslim ban, anyone?) Does that sound like an attractive counter-message to the 70% of voters under 35 who told NBC News polls they disapprove of how Biden has handled the war?



are coming, and the first contests of the Republican presidential primaries will take place on January 15 in Iowa and on January 23 in New Hampshire, barring any unforeseen developments.

could be

It quickly becomes clear that the much-denounced Trump is on his way to the November ballot as the Republican presidential candidate.

A Suffolk University/USA Today poll released on New Year’s Day found Trump surpassing Biden among groups the pollsters describe as loyal members of the Democratic base, i.e.:


and younger voters. Biden’s support among Black Americans has also declined significantly, although he still leads Trump.

This is alarming and not catastrophic. Biden and the Democrats have time to make their case. I remain skeptical that the Democratic base won’t come home in November, especially as Trump continues to embrace his inner dictator during his campaign.

Just because a Republican is elected is not the end. It’s the start of a much bigger fight, a 23-year-old Starbucks worker and union organizer from Wisconsin who is considering withholding his vote from Biden told NBC News. I want to show the Democratic Party as a young person that you still have to earn our vote and if you don’t, the consequences will be your career.

Teach the Democrats a lesson by electing a democracy-destroying authoritarian?

My mother called it cutting off your nose to spite your face.



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