Former Tucker Carlson producer accused of sexual assault in lawsuit

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Former Tucker Carlson producer accused of sexual assault in lawsuit

Stephen Battaglio

Dec. 4, 2023

Justin Wells, the


Fox News director

who was

previously responsible for Tucker Carlson’s program

both were men

who was ousted earlier this year is facing charges

for one

sexual abuse


by a former employee of the conservative news network.

The former employee, Andrew Delancey,

says claims

that Wells made unwanted sexual advances early in his career at the network

when during

he visited the producer’s apartment, according to a federal lawsuit filed Monday in the Southern District of New York. Fox News is also named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

that the. accuses

business of negligence.

The incident described in the

20 pages

suit dates from 2008, when Wells was a producer for Greta Van Susteren,

who was

then a Fox News anchor. Wells became a producer of Carlson’s program in 2017 and oversaw its rise


the most watched program on cable news. He eventually held the title of senior executive producer and vice president.

Carlson’s program, which had lost its major advertising support due to the host’s inflammatory comments on race and immigration and

unproven touted

conspiracy theories about the January 6 uprising were taken off the air on April 24. Wells was fired the same day.

A representative for Fox News had no immediate comment on the matter. Wells did not respond to a request for comment.

According to the lawsuit, Wells contacted Delancey via direct messages on Facebook on August 3, 2007. Wells said he was a producer at the Fox-owned TV station WNYW and had done so

used to be formal

worked at the company’s Tampa station, where Delancey worked at the time. In her messages, Delancey expressed her desire to work in New York.

Delancey was hired in 2008 to work for Fox News Edge, a service that coordinates news content with Fox TV affiliates. Delancey did not report to Wells, but was assigned duties for Van Susteren’s program.

According to the lawsuit, Wells made it clear to Delancey more than once that he could help his career at Fox News.

When Delancey expressed dissatisfaction with his salary at Fox News, Wells offered to recommend him for a higher-paying position at the NBC station in New York.

Hi Wells

also invited


to a gathering with other colleagues at the Barracuda Lounge, a gay bar in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood.

Delancey said he met Wells, who suggested they go to his one-bedroom apartment first for a “pre-game cocktail.”

Delancey was served a vodka with cranberry juice. Wells then allegedly forced Delancey onto his bed and “forcibly shoved his tongue” into his mouth, the complaint said.

Wells then tried to remove Delancey’s jeans and grab his genitals. Delanceys

business suit

said he screamed


“no” and could “slow down the attack”.

Delancey said he convinced Wells that they should go back to the Barracuda Lounge. Wells agreed, but wanted Delancey to see the view from the roof of his apartment building. As they walked up the stairwell, Wells attacked him again, putting his hand down the front of Delancey’s pants, depending on the suit.

Delancey pulled away and told Wells to stop. He left the apartment complex and

did not return to the bar without going to the bar


Delancey continued to hold the job at the NBC station. He was not hired and believes Wells withdrew his recommendation.

After the interview, Delancey said Wells told him he was “not thinking clearly” and was “kidding himself.” He believed Wells told him he was hurting himself by not giving in to his sexual advances.

Delancey said when discussing the incident with his supervisor at Fox News Edge:

his supervisor’s superior

prevented him from reporting this to human resources. He said he mentioned it

its occurrence

to female employees of the company telling them they had also been harassed by Wells.

Delancey said his career advancement with the company ended and he returned to his previous position at the Fox


TV station

in Tampa


Delancey detailed the alleged incident without naming Wells in a 2017 Facebook post to show solidarity with women who told their stories of harassment during the #MeToo movement. Wells contacted Delancey to provide support.

Delancey said Wells wrote, “Hey. I saw your message. I’m sorry that happened


You. “Who was it?”

according to the suit

. Delancey did not respond.

Delancey wants a jury trial. He filed his claim under the New York Adult Survivors Act, which is temporarily in effect

opened a window to bypass the bypasses

Statute of limitations in New York for filing a civil sexual abuse lawsuit.

Earlier this year, Fox News paid a $12 million settlement to former producer Abby Grossberg, who alleged she faced sexual harassment and a hostile work environment while working for Carlson’s program where Wells was a supervisor. Delancey is represented by the same law firm,

Filappatos PLLC

in New York City.

Fox News has been the defendant in a number of sexual harassment lawsuits and has paid millions to settle other claims since former host Gretchen Carlson sued founding CEO Roger Ailes in 2016. The company has taken steps to address the shortcomings in handling such cases in recent times. years ago under current CEO Suzanne Scott.


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