The Biden-Harris reelection campaign is increasing political fundraising in Hollywood

I believe there is great joy among people who recognize the historic nature of this election, Kamala Harris told The Times days before Shell was sworn in as vice president.
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The Biden-Harris reelection campaign is increasing political fundraising in Hollywood

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Queenie Wong

November 21, 2023

Raising campaign money from Hollywood after a long hiatus amid industry strikes,

Vice President Kamala Harris

sounded confident like her

told supporters Monday that President Biden will win the 2024 election.

“It won’t be easy,” she said. “There are powerful forces in our country right now that are trying to divide our nation. And it will be our job to hold it together for the sake of the strength of our nation and our future.

Harris delivered the remarks at a glitzy fundraiser at the Los Angeles home of Hollywood philanthropists and attorneys Leslie and Cliff Gilbert-Lurie. The

event showed

how Democrats are stepping up their efforts to attract political donations from Hollywood


the entertainment industry strikes

to have

ended up.

It also revealed some challenges

Democrats face off as the party falls apart

about the war between Israel and Hamas, with demonstrators holding a small demonstration outside the fundraiser. Harris and President Biden largely have been

absent from the Los Angeles political fundraising circuit

this year, when Hollywood was hampered by a strike

actors and screenwriters pushing for better wages and benefits. Increased tension between Hollywood employees and studio executives made tapping into donations from the entertainment industry politically fraught.


Andidates didn’t want to


crossing picket lines

And executives didn’t want to be seen handing out big checks to politicians while negotiating with employees


But with

Actors reach a deal to end their strike

Earlier this month, following the conclusion of the September writers’ strike, Hollywood resumed its role as a major source of campaign cash for national Democrats.

Monday’s fundraiser featured more than 140 guests and raised nearly $500,000, Leslie Gilbert-Lurie

said told the

crowd gathered

from her house

lounge by the pool


There are lights hanging around the trees in the garden. In the modern house, decorated with art, people were drinking


wine and


on crostinis with pumpkin and truffle-walnut hummus with pomegranates.

The fundraiser also attracted about two dozen


Protesters opposing the war between Israel and Hamas shouted

“Free Palestine!” And

“Shame on you




” like humans


the home. For

Harris arrived

they threw fake blood in front of the Gilbert-Luries


and placed red handprints on the ground.

About ten police officers stood in front of the house. Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff, the first Jewish wife of a president or vice president, spoke to the group about it

his work to combat anti-Semitism

and hate. You saw it walking in here today, he said, referring to the protesters. These are the times we lived in now.

Before Harris made her comments

to stand

between two American flags, a woman in the audience called for a ceasefire. Security led her out of the house.

Harris told the audience to “take a minute” before continuing


noting that Americans must continue their fight against anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and other forms of hatred.

This is a very pivotal moment in the history of our country and the history of the world, and much of what we have fought for and believed in all our lives is at stake in this election and in this moment, said she.

While politicians have avoided fundraising during the Hollywood strikes, Biden’s campaign in the US has raked in donations

San Francisco

Bay area. All year long, Biden has done that




San Francisco and Silicon Valley,

tapping into the wealth of the region’s technology industry.

Last week, during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference, Biden and Harris attended a Democratic National Committee fundraiser as hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters opposed to Israel-Hamas were serenaded outside the Merchants Exchange Building.

In October, Biden’s campaign said it raised more than $71 million in the third quarter, surpassing fundraising


former president


Primary candidates Trump and GOP.


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