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42 is the answer to all your questions, including whether you can serve on Trump’s jury.

Nearly 100 people have been selected as possible jurors in the trial of former US President Donald Trump. To take one of the twelve places,...





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Critical meeting between Turkey and the US

Presidential Spokesman Kalın met with US National Security Adviser Sullivan According...

The collaboration of the mafia boss with the Italian justice system is also good news for the Netherlands Related articles

Italian drug lord Raffaele Imperiale will cooperate with the Italian judiciary. Imperiale is said to have led a drug cartel alongside alleged criminal...

Opinion | Government itself is responsible for skyrocketing energy prices Related articles

The executive has decided that the swimming pools will be helped with the energy bill, but not the ice rinks, even if an exception...

Civilians were injured in Russian attacks in the Zaporozhye region

Civilians were injured in Russian attacks in the Zaporozhye region Zaporizhia...

Gas price rises due to cold weather and more flexible corona policy China Related articles

Gas prices rose again on Wednesday due to colder weather across much of Europe, but also due to growing competition in the gas market...

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