Evacuation decision in Istanbul park

Evacuation decision in Istanbul park

Evacuation decision in Istanbul park

The decision was made to evacuate the Istanbul Park Circuit, located in Akfırat in the Tuzla district of Istanbul, which was built in 2003 and where the first Formula 1 races were held in 2005.

The General Directorate of Foundations was established on July 18, 2003 by Formula Istanbul Yatırım A.Ş., whose main shareholders are TOBB and the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. Signed a 20-year lease contract with (FIYAŞ).

After the Formula 1 Turkish Grand Prix was not included in the 2012 racing calendar, FIYAŞ, the operator of Istanbul Park, rented the track for 10 years.

The operation of the Istanbul Park Track was carried out by the company Intercity.


Noting that the operation period of Istanbul Park ended on July 18, 2023, it was learned that the General Directorate of Foundations started the evacuation process on July 24, 2023.

According to the document obtained by SÖZCÜ, the contracting company FIYAŞ was asked to evacuate the property and hand it over empty to the General Directorate of Foundations.

It was stated that FIYAŞ stated that it will hand over the property empty from December 31, 2023, paying the use fee until the evacuation process.

It was learned that once the evacuation process of Istanbul Park is completed, a new tender for the road will be held in 2024.


Formula 1 lease contract in Istanbul Sözcü Türkiye

Source: Sozcu


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