Certain critical date for the minimum wage

The date of the first meeting on the minimum wage announced

The date of the first meeting of the Commission for the Determination of the Minimum Wage was announced. Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat Işıkhan announced that the first meeting will be held on December 11.

In his statement to AA correspondent, Şıkhan said that the minimum wage is of great importance in terms of its economic, social and social aspects.

Stating that the Minimum Wage Regulation is taken as a basis in the process of determining the minimum wage, Işıkhan stated that, consequently, “the social and economic situation of the country, the living standards of employees, the general situation of real wages, remuneration and living conditions”.

Reminding that the minimum wage is determined by the Commission for Determination of the Minimum Wage, Işıkhan said:

“During determining the minimum wage, it is important to obtain the opinions of workers, employers and state representatives on the commission and carry out a fair process within the understanding of social dialogue. It is an important responsibility for us to ensure that all these processes comply with international standards. Of course, I should also point out that the minimum wage is the lowest wage level that must be legally paid. In addition to the potential of the minimum wage to contribute positively to social well-being, in our work to determine the level of the minimum wage; We are also carefully considering potential options to strike the right balance between protecting workers and supporting a sustainable economy. In this sense, the sustainability of our companies is as important to us as the standard of living of our employees and the level of inflation. Therefore, the impact of the TBA minimum wage is not limited to our employees working at this wage level. “The increase will also have a positive impact on the wages of other income groups.”

Emphasizing that the level of the minimum wage also affects the overall wage level, Işıkhan said: “The increase in the minimum wage directly affects the wages of some of our workers and indirectly affects the wages of some of our workers. In other words, we can say that the increase in the minimum wage changes and affects many economic indicators. “This wage that we will determine is also important in terms of economic policies with its effects on employment, income distribution, the general price level and growth.” saying.


Işıkhan stated that his goal is to determine the minimum wage in the new year with the triple agreement of workers, employers and the public within the framework of social dialogue:

“In this sense, we discussed with our interest groups and decided to hold our first meeting on Monday, December 11 at 2:00 p.m. Protecting our employees and workplace peace has always been our most important duty. In the coming period, growth will continue through production, with inflation under control; We maintain our conviction that we will take our country to an even better point in the areas of investment and employment.”


The process of determining the new minimum wage, which concerns millions of employees and indirectly all citizens, will begin with the first meeting at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

The minimum wage is determined by the Minimum Wage Determination Commission, which is made up of 15 people, including five representatives of workers, employers and the government, as required by law.

The Commission is convened by the Minister of Labor and Social Security and meets four times in December as part of the work to determine the new minimum wage.

The commission, chaired by one of the members determined by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, meets with the participation of at least 10 members and decides by majority vote.

In case of equality of votes, the side of the President of the Commission is assumed to have the majority.

Işıkhan stated that while there are 16.4 million employees with SSK (4a) status, 6.6 million of them, corresponding to 40 percent, earn the minimum wage.

The minimum wage was last increased to 11,402 lira net with a 34 percent increase in July.


After Minister of Treasury and Finance Mehmet Şimşek, in his statements in September and October, pointed to high salary increases as a reason for high inflation and said that salaries should be increased according to expected inflation, not the past inflation, a notable statement The explanation was given by the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Vedat Işıkhan.

When asked by journalists after the cabinet meeting about the minimum wage, Işıkhan said: “As in July, the principle is not to be overwhelmed by inflation. As you know, the minimum wage was always once a year. “We’re still working on a single increase.” he replied he.

Türk-İş Chairman Ergün Atalay and DİSK Chairman Arzu Çerkezoğlu reacted to the government’s statements of “increase according to the inflation target” and “one-time increase”.

Minimum wage Minister of Labor and Social Security Minister of Finance Mehmet Şimşek Increase in SSK

Source: Sozcu


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