“We want to reconnect firmly with the EU”

Minister Şimşek: We want to firmly reconnect with the EU

Minister of Treasury and Finance Şimşek shared a post in English on his social media account about the latest report on the “State of political, economic and trade relations between the EU and Turkey.”

In his message, Şimşek stated that they welcomed the latest report of the European Commission on the “state of political, economic and trade relations between the EU and Turkey” and noted that the measures proposed by the commission and the high representative aim to encouraging and positive events.


Şimşek, the resumption of the EU-Turkey High Level Dialogues, especially on economic, energy and transport issues, the continuation of the High Level Political Dialogue meetings at the association council and at ministerial level, the revival of negotiations on The draft negotiating framework for the modernization of the EU-Turkey customs union, inviting the European Investment Bank to restart its activities in all sectors in Turkey drew attention to calls to ease visa restrictions for entrepreneurs, students , Turkish citizens and their family members in the EU.

Emphasizing that “Turkey and the EU are stronger together,” Şimşek said: “We want to firmly reconnect Turkey with the European Union.” he made the assessment of it. (AA)

Source: Sozcu


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