Tax increase and favor for well-paid bureaucrats

Tax increase and favor for well-paid bureaucrats

While millions of citizens were unemployed, it was reported that an additional 300 percent increase was given to top bureaucrats who were given more than one position and received money from many sources, and that this money paid under the name of quota Assistance was tax-exempt. .

Memur-Sen Vice President Hacı Bayram Tonbul noted that the general bill discussed in the Planning and Budget Commission of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey includes regulations that provide for a 300 percent increase in ‘allocations’ payments. assistance’ from senior bureaucrats.

Tonbul claimed that 28,000 lira were paid in attendance fees to senior managers who already received high salaries and that, unlike other officials, no taxes were deducted from this money, opening the door to discussion among officials.

Tonbul said that the general bill discussed in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey contains regulations that provide large increases and tax advantages to the attendance fees of top executives who already receive high salaries, and impose an additional burden on the state, instead of articles that will solve the problems of millions of public officials.

Tonbul stated that millions of civil servants whose problems await solutions have once again been forgotten and said: “Rules such as the granting of 3,600 additional indicators to the first grade, the abolition of mandatory retirement, the Law on Vocational Training in Engineering, additional rights for public officials in the earthquake zone and reflecting the additional payment of 8 thousand 77 TL in pensions are pending. “The priority and urgency are here,” he stated.

Tonbul expressed his criticism as follows:


“The bill includes regulations that concern public personnel, such as the insurance status of contracted personnel, the personnel and positions to which senior managers will be appointed, and the regulations relating to the assignment of new administrative expert personnel, but that foresees a 300 percent increase. in the payment of the Assistance Allowance to those who already have high salaries, while their economic, social and personal rights are not increased.”


“While the practice of Assistance Allowance paid to managers who are members of delegations, commissions, audits, boards of directors and similar boards provides additional income, this income is only subject to stamp duty and is considered exempt from income tax . In fact, although the members of this board received 28,000 lira attendance allowance, approximately 30 percent more than the minimum wage for civil servants of 22,000 lira, no income tax was planned to be deducted from this amount. “While our state requires revenue to balance the budget and a significant portion of our public servants pay taxes in the 27 percent range, not deducting income tax from the fee application application opens the door to important discussions.” .

3600 additional indicator earthquake retirement money increase of the Turkish Grand National Assembly

Source: Sozcu


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