They will sell public goods at the speed of light

They will sell public goods at the speed of light

Unable to sell and sell public assets, the government is switching to the electronic bidding method to further accelerate privatization. According to the regulation of the general bill submitted to the Turkish Grand National Assembly by AKP deputies, all public institutions and organizations within the scope of privatization, as well as their goods and services, will be sold remotely and privatized through the electronic bidding method.


It was clearly stated that with the transition to the electronic bidding method sales would accelerate and more money would be obtained. In this article’s impact analysis of the general bill discussed in the Planning and Budget Commission of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, it was stated that the change to the electronic bidding method would also save time for investors who will participate in tenders of privatization.

In the impact analysis, why the electronic bidding method is necessary and what kind of results are expected were expressed as follows: “The electronic bidding regulation aims to facilitate the participation of bidders in privatization tenders, and with the transition to the bidding process in the electronic environment, works and transactions related to bidding will be faster, with broader and easier participation.” It is anticipated that this will be in a competitive environment and will contribute to achieving the anticipated privatization revenues. “In addition, it is thought that by carrying out the bidding process electronically, efficiency and productivity in the use of public resources will be increased, and time will be used more effectively for both the investor and the public administration.”

There is a bridge and a field.

The two Bosphorus bridges, public highways, ring roads around Ankara and Izmir, many hydropower plants, ports and valuable land are among the projects that the government will take out of public hands through privatization or have them operated by the sector private. sector in the next period. The Privatization Administration may electronically tender all these public goods and services. The Higher Privatization Council (ÖYK) will issue rules regarding electronic tenders.

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