General Directorate of Foundations did not listen to the laws, increased the rent by 850 percent

General Directorate of Foundations did not listen to the laws, increased the rent by 850 percent

The notification of the rent increase for 2024 by the General Directorate of Foundations to its tenants across the country shocked tens of thousands of residential and work tenants.

Citizens who reacted to rent increases of between 200 and 850 percent, depending on the location of the rental house or workplace in the provinces and districts, flooded the CIMER and foundation addresses with messages.

The rent increase reminded me of President Erdoğan’s words to the landlord on November 24, regarding his dialogue with a tenant whose rent had increased from 2,500 lira to 7,500 lira, saying: “I have to ask him if he has a conscience.”


While the Regional Directorates of the Foundations increased rents by 330 to 600 percent in Aydın, 233 to 465 percent for tenants in Sivas, 800 percent in Hatay, 850 percent in Ankara and 500 percent in Izmir, CHP deputies brought the astronomical increases to the Parliament agenda. took it.

Those who tried to make their voices heard through social media platforms and complaint sites demanded that the increases be withdrawn.

Fikret A. stated that he has been a tenant of the Vakıflar house for 13 years and stated that his rent, which was 1307 TL, was increased to 10 thousand TL by 2024 and made the following statements:

“Is the 25 percent rent increase normally imposed by the state for Foundation tenants invalid? The increase rate is 650 percent. Although it is very difficult to make ends meet in this economic crisis, it is not possible for us to pay this rent.

I am retired and take care of four people. I have two sons; One goes to college and the other goes to high school. My wife does not work and my pension is 11,000 TL. Our income is very low, I request that the rent increase be canceled. We can’t get along. “I want the rent increases withdrawn,” she said.


Murat T., who said he has been living in an apartment belonging to the General Directorate of Foundations in Ankara’s Etimesgut district for 6 years, said: “My rent increased by 450 percent from 1,530 TL to 7 thousand TL due to renovation. The rents of all our neighbors increased by 200 to 700 percent. As a retired civil servant, I am aggrieved. “Please hear our voice,” he shouted.

Gökay Çakır, a tenant of the Foundations in Ankara Mamak, shared the letter sent by the Foundations and said: “The rate of rent increase is very high. I have been a tenant of Vakıflar since 2019. My rent, which was 1,021 TL, increased to 8,500 TL. What kind of regulation is this, what kind of increase is this? 850 percent increase, isn’t it a shame for so many people? I haven’t had a job since May 15, 2023. “How are we going to support our family?” he asked.

Source: Sozcu


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