Beans, tomatoes, cauliflower… They welcome concern about vegetable prices

Hail in Mersin damaged agricultural products

The hail that hit the Erdemli district of Mersin caused serious damage to many agricultural products. According to the first investigations carried out by the authorities, the damage occurred in 1,600 decares of agricultural land.

The hail, which started in the district after last night’s rain, took effect in the neighborhoods of Kocahasanlı, Üçtepe, Yarenler, Koyuncu, Akdeniz, Fatih, Adnan Menderes, Tabiye and Alata.

The hailstorm that affected these regions caused damage to agricultural products grown in open areas.


District Governor Aydın Tetikoğlu stated in his statement that damage assessment studies continue.

Tetikoğlu claimed that the rain caused damage to beans, tomatoes, cauliflower, lettuce and citrus fruits grown outdoors and said: “So far damage has been determined in an area of ​​1600 decares.” (AA)

Aydin Mersin

Source: Sozcu


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