“If this continues, 4 out of 5 people will be in execution.”

“If it continues like this, 4 out of 5 people will be in execution.”

Vice President of the CHP group, Ali Mahir Basarir, evaluated the agenda of the General Assembly of Parliament. Basarir said:


*We see that the President and his economic team set out to reduce interest rates, but ended up increasing all interest rates in the economy between 3 and 4 times. Before the election, the interest rate was 8.5 percent.

*In addition to the increases made so far, today there was an increase of 5 points and the interest rate increased to 40 percent. Now, due to these irrational economic policies, the situation in Turkey has completely changed.

*For example, the interest burden that must be paid until the maturity of the Treasury’s internal debt stock was 722 billion in September 2021, today this burden is 4 trillion 311 billion; It is not a penalty? In other words, we see that the State will pay 6 times more money just for its internal debts due to interest.

*This will be paid by us, the citizens, 85 million. For example, the interest paid by citizens to banks for reasons such as consumer loans and credit card debts was 118 billion in 2021, this figure increased to 240 billion in the first nine months of this year and will be 320 billion at the end of the year. year; I really ask: Isn’t it a shame? The burden of citizens’ interests has tripled.

'While the allegations are being investigated in TRNC, they are not in our country' - Latest news - Sözcü


*The annual interest rate on consumer loans, which before the elections was between 23 and 24 percent, has reached 60 percent. Business loans increased from 14 percent to more than 50 percent. Now, who is responsible for this?

*If they had listened to reason, science, the people and the opposition in this country, would 85 million people have to pay so much money and interest? We act as if nothing is happening. They were against the interests.

*It was a sin, I said ‘how’, but now 85 million are in execution because of these irrational and less than ideal administrations. If interest rates continue like this, 4 out of 5 people in Turkey will suffer a foreclosure and they will not make any statement about it and at least they will not apologize.


*I’m sorry to say that a house in Samandağ, Hatay could not be delivered. He was promised. We are entering winter. The containers are insufficient. Unfortunately people stay in greenhouses or tents, but today we see a fire in Samandağ.

*He goes into the dark winter. It’s a shame that people live in tents during the dark winter. This winter will not happen. In the store, people have to stay warm; On the other hand, the stove lights a fire and a fire occurs.

*After the earthquake, we will lose people in tents either to frostbite or fire. I say a little decency and they should not leave people on the street in winter in Hatay and Antep.


*The Çorlu case was postponed until January 24. Yes, the Çorlu train massacre case has become as painful as the massacre itself. At today’s hearing, lawyers asked for possible intent. It is a matter that can be discussed legally, but it is morally unacceptable for the judicial panel to say “Arrest this person” for Mısra Öz, who lost her 9-year-old son, Oğuz Arda Sel, in the disaster, justice was arrested in this court for these words.

*People lost their children and family members. Can such justice exist? Can there be such a president of the court? She tells a mother who lost her son: ‘arrest her’ because it’s that easy, it’s that easy in the judiciary, it’s really easy.

*When he gets angry, sad or receives instructions, he says ‘Arrest him’ and they arrest him. Unfortunately, I believe that justice has stopped in Çorlu.


*Another problem is that on various social media platforms, there are accusations that a group of lieutenants from the Tuzla Infantry School Command refused to wear Atatürk’s photograph on their necks during the Atatürk commemoration ceremony on 10 November, and that one of the lieutenants, I am sorry to say, is an accusation: he tore up Atatürk’s photograph and threw it on the ground. .

*It was also revealed to the public that there was a scuffle with another group of lieutenants who reacted to this lieutenant, a fight broke out and an administrative investigation was launched into them. If there is a soldier in our beautiful country who is ashamed to wear the photograph of Commander-in-Chief Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk on his neck on November 10, he has no place in the army.

*There should be a serious investigation into this and ask: Do these soldiers and others like them really exist in the army, where do they come from, what sect gave them to them, why did they give them to them?

*I call on the government from here, I call on the Ministry of National Defense, I call on the General Staff. TO

*If there really are soldiers like these in the army who are disturbed by their ancestors, disturbed by their history, disturbed by their past, please clean them up, please clean them up, please clean them up, that is not in the interest of the Republic of Turkey.


*Today, a teacher who has been on staff for twenty-five years receives a salary of 24,653 liras, and a contracted teacher who starts working receives a salary of 23,400 liras. Let me tell you what is most painful: 60 liras per hour of class, a paid teacher who teaches a maximum of thirty hours a week receives 9 thousand 619 liras.

*Friends, the rent for a house in metropolitan cities is 15 thousand lira. This situation of our teachers is a shameful issue for both Parliament, the government and all of us.

* EDUCATION-WORK research shows that 24 percent of them do additional work, 46 percent receive support from their relatives, 37 percent have cash debts, 50 percent have psychological problems due to insufficient income, it is That is, 75 percent have no hope for the future. .

*Let’s improve the situation of teachers. If a teacher today receives a salary of less than 50,000 liras in Turkey, it is a shame for the government and for our country.


*We are very proud and honored that a Turkish scientist, Professor Dr. Canan Dağdeviren, is included in the list of 100 inspiring and influential women prepared by the BBC. Professor Dağdeviren, who is continuing his studies at MIT in the United States, recently invented a medical device that allows women to undergo daily cancer screenings. We have the honor.

*We are proud to have trained such scientists on the centenary of the Republic. I congratulate him and our country. (PHOENIX)

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