Even in the market known for its low price, prices have skyrocketed.

Prices also skyrocketed in the Köyceğiz market, known for its low price.

While economic difficulties throughout the country are increasing day by day, prices have also skyrocketed in the Köyceğiz district market, which is cheaper than other markets due to more producers selling their own products.

Those who come to the market early in the morning now prefer the afternoon hours, when prices drop. The Köyceğiz market, whose fruit and vegetable prices were at least 5 lira cheaper than in other districts in previous months, has also suffered economic difficulties. Residents of the district, who come to the market early to buy better and fresher products, now expect prices to drop in the afternoon.


In the Köyceğiz market there was an increase of 5 to 10 lira per kilo between the prices two weeks ago and today. For some products, this figure has almost doubled. Eggplant, which sells on the market for 25-30 lira in the morning, drops to 10-15 lira in the evening.

The 25 lire tomatoes sell for 15 TL and the small ones for 6-12.5 TL. Vegetables 10, grapes 30-50, lemon 10, apple 25-35, leek 25, spinach 25, celery 35-40, pepper 25-40 lire. The most expensive are chestnuts, which cost 250 lira per kilo, and dragon fruit, which costs 50 TL each.


In Köyceğiz, where mainly locals and retirees live and does not benefit much from tourism, living conditions have become more expensive compared to the past.

Saliha Köse, who settled in Köyceğiz after retiring while living in Ankara, said: “My wife is also retired, we bought a place here and settled here. We started buying the same products for 400-450 lira in the market where we spent 300 lira two weeks ago. We leave shopping until after 4:00 p.m. so that the prices are a little cheaper. We have nothing else to do. “We had to reduce the weight we were using to gain two kilos to one kilo,” she said.

Source: Sozcu


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