IMM response to request for salary increase for taxi drivers

IMM response to request for salary increase for taxi drivers

After the President of the Istanbul Chamber of Taxi Drivers and Traders (ITEO) Eyüp Aksu announced that they were requesting a 65 percent increase in taxi fares, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality issued a statement on the issue.

In his statement yesterday, Aksu stated that they requested the Directorate of Public Transport Services to increase the fares of taxis, taxis and minibuses by 65 per cent.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Deputy Secretary General Buğra Gökce said in his statement regarding the increase request that they did not receive an official increase offer and did not find the 65 percent increase appropriate.


Gökce included the following statements in his statement regarding taxi fares in the live broadcast he attended:

“First of all, there is no such agenda at the moment. I don’t know what the 65 percent figure was based on. There is no such agenda at UKOME later this month. Our UKOME meet every 6 months to include the increase agenda. According to the figures from the end of December, this increase could be on the agenda. It is not correct to pronounce this figure before the UKOME in January. Furthermore, a 65 percent increase is not a figure we consider appropriate at this time. It has no physical basis.

We calculated the rates of increase with 2 parameters; increase in inflation, increase in the minimum wage and increase in fuel prices. The parameter is determined by a coefficient greater than these three. The rise is carried out according to this multiplication. It is not possible to see these figures at this time. Therefore, such an increase is not on our agenda. “We have not received any official offer.”

Source: Sozcu


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