Denmark may block Russian oil tankers

Denmark may block Russian oil tankers

Denmark will be tasked with monitoring and potentially intercepting Russian oil tankers plying its waters under new EU plans as Western powers seek to impose a price cap on Russian oil.

According to the Financial Times report, three sources with knowledge of the talks in Brussels said Denmark will target Russian oil tankers passing through the strait without insurance of Western origin.

All Russian oil shipped through the Baltic Sea, about 60 percent of the total oil transported by sea, passes through the Danish Strait on its way to international markets.

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“The important thing is the implementation of insurance regulations,” one of the officials told the Financial Times. Currently it is being done very sporadically. “The coastal states have the right to see evidence,” he said.

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, which regulates maritime traffic, grants states various permits in the face of “clear objective evidence” that the ship poses a significant threat of coastal damage.

However, officials briefed on the proposal say it depends on the ability of Danish naval authorities to stop and control the tankers. It is also unclear what Copenhagen will do if a ship refuses to stop.

A Danish Defense Ministry spokesman said: “We do not check documents or ships passing through the strait unless it is relevant to safety at sea.” The Danish government declined to comment on the issue.


According to Western states, oil revenues are a key pillar of Vladimir Putin’s war financing. The United States and EU countries say Russia’s oil revenues have increased their ability to finance their armed forces.

While Western countries were concerned about the sale of Russian oil above the $60 limit, the signal was given that further action would be taken. On the other hand, the European Union is expected to announce its twelfth package of sanctions against Russia this week.

Source: Sozcu


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