Exorbitant increase in demand for taxi drivers

Demand for taxi drivers increases by 65 percent.

Eyüp Aksu, president of the Istanbul Chamber of Taxi Drivers and Traders (ITEO), announced that they requested a 65 percent increase in taxi fares.

The last time taxi fares were increased was in August, by decision of UKOME. Following the increase, taxi fares were applied as 70 TL for pick-up and drop-off, 19.17 TL for pick-up and 13.75 TL per kilometer.

Aksu said they had to apply for an increase in taxi fares due to the increase in their expenses since August. If the 65 percent offer is accepted at the UKOME meeting at the end of the month, the taxi fare will increase to 115 lira, the price per kilometer will increase to 22.69 lira and the taximeter opening will increase to 31, 63 lire.


ITEO President Eyüp Aksu stated that yesterday they requested the Directorate of Public Transport Services of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to increase the fares of taxis, taxis and minibuses by 65 percent and said:

“The last rate increase was in early August. We evaluated the increases in our expenses since then. In order for our merchants to better sustain this profession, we also request a 65 percent increase in our expenses to be able to provide comfortable taxi transportation. As is known, with the UKOME decision, the rates of all transport vehicles increase at the end of each year. “We have already requested a raise.”


Aksu said that the price increase will be made at the next UKOME meeting, even if it will not be at the end of this month, and said: “The opening price of the taxi was 19.17 kuruş, the kilometer was 13.75 kuruş and the tourist bus was 19.17 kuruş. It was 70 lira. We demand that these fares be increased by 65 percent. Now, at the end of this month, there will be a UKOME meeting. Until that date, our request for an increase It will be discussed in subcommittees. “If a decision is not made this month, I estimate it will be made next month,” he said.

Aksu stated that the increase is certain, but that the fee will be determined according to the delegation’s decision: “The discretion regarding the fee lies with the delegation. There are definitely increases in transportation vehicles at the end of each year. In fact, the authority lies with the Union of Istanbul Chambers of Merchants and Craftsmen, but unfortunately the chamber does not use its authority. He demands that UKOME give it to him. We also requested this decision from UKOME. “We hope that we can reach an agreement on these figures for reconciliation,” he said. (DHA)

Source: Sozcu


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