One billion in favor to energy companies

One billion in favor to energy companies

RING The government, which says there are “no resources in the budget” to provide even a penny of support, beats around the bush when it comes to energy companies, forgetting about budget balances and doling out money liberally. During the period when prices of everything from needle to thread were constantly increasing due to high inflation, a huge 56.4 percent discount was made on wholesale prices of electricity sold by the State to electricity companies. energy. Energy companies will continue to sell the electricity they buy cheap from the State to citizens at the same price, without any discount.


In this way, in just 50 days, 1,000 million 27 million lire will enter the coffers of the energy companies, practically protected lately. Since the State sells the electricity it produces to companies at a high price, it will cover its losses from the budget financed by public taxes. With the decision of the Board published in the Official Gazette on Friday, November 10, the state-owned company Electricity Production Inc. The wholesale electricity rate applied to sales made by authorized supplier companies was reduced from 110 kuruş to 48.2 kuruş per kilowatt-hour. Thus, while the electricity purchase costs of energy companies are reduced by more than half, sales to subscribers
The price has not dropped.


Olgun Sakarya, former member of the board of directors of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers, estimated that with the regulation 1 billion 27 million lira of public resources will be transferred to companies. Sakarya said that the discount is not reflected in the public’s electricity bill, so in a sense, year-end bonuses are distributed to companies with budget resources.

‘Citizens will pay the bill

OLGUN Sakarya stated that electricity rates were regulated on October 1, which is the normal period, and that with the decision taken that day, the electricity used by other groups of subscribers, except residential ones, increased by 20 percent over the price of energy. and said: “After that increase, on November 10, a discount was made in the wholesale price of electricity and companies became more active. It was also relieved,” he said. Sakarya noted that despite the discount, there will be no reduction in people’s electricity bills and the resulting bill of one billion lira will be paid by the public.

Source: Sozcu


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