Unexpected inflation is 100 PERCENT

Unexpected inflation is 100 PERCENT

of increases National Lottery tickets also had their part. The grand prize of the National Lottery New Year’s draw will be 400 million lire. The ticket prices were 400 full liras, 200 half and 100 quarters. In 2022, the jackpot was 200 million lira, the full ticket was 200, half was 100 and a quarter was 50 lira. Thus, unexpected inflation reached 100 percent in one year.


The National Lottery Administration, which is the goose that lays the golden eggs, suffered blood loss when it was transferred to the Turkish Wealth Fund and granted the authority to play games of chance to the Demirören Group and the Sisal Şans company in 2020. While the institution made a profit of 297 million 628 thousand TL in 2020, its profit for the 2021 period was 4 million 625 thousand TL. The Court of Auditors’ report states that “As the games began to be organized by the contracting company, the administration was deprived of the income from games of chance, which covered almost all of its operating expenses.” .

According to TUIK, the increase is 58.46

While National Lottery tickets increased by 100 percent compared to last year, the increase in data announced by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) on Friday, November 3 was not the same. According to TÜİK, the domestic producer price index increased by 39.39 percent annually and 1.94 percent monthly in October. There was an increase of 58.46 percent compared to the 12-month average.

Source: Sozcu


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