1,634 workers lost their lives in the first ten months of 2023

1,634 workers lost their lives in the first ten months of 2023

The October report of the Occupational Safety and Health Assembly (OSH) has been published. According to the report, 150 workers lost their lives in workplace homicides in October and at least 1,634 in the first ten months of the year.

The following came to the fore in the report published by the İSİG Assembly:

At least 41 workers lost their lives this month, most from falls from height, in the construction industry, where most employment is short-term, depending on the completion of the work or part of it. . , and where work subcontracting predominates.

This month, at least 20 food, mining, chemical, textile, wood, cement, metal, energy and shipyard workers lost their lives in the industrial sector. At least 8 motorcycle messengers lost their lives. At least 6 migrant workers lost their lives.


The distribution of workplace homicides by business lines in October was as follows:

41 workers in the Construction, Road sector; 31 day laborers (17 workers and 14 farmers) in the Agricultural and Forestry sector; 20 workers in the transportation sector; 12 workers in the Accommodation and Entertainment business; 9 Municipal workers, General Works branch; 5 workers in the metal business; 4 workers in the Food, Sugar business; 3 workers in the Commerce, Office, Education, Cinema business lines; 3 energy sector workers; 3 workers in the Health, Social Services sector; 3 workers from the Defense and Security sector; 2 workers in Petrochemical, Tire business; 2 workers in the Cement, Soil and Glass business line; 1 worker in the mining business; 1 worker in the Wood and Paper branch; 1 worker in the communication business; 1 worker in Press, Journalism Business; 1 worker in the Boats, Shipyard, Marine, Port business branch; According to the data we have, 7 workers whose line of work could not be determined lost their lives.


The distribution of occupational homicides according to their causes in October was as follows:

38 workers due to Traffic Accident, Service; 27 workers due to Fall from Height; 22 workers due to Heart Attack, Cerebral Hemorrhage; 21 workers due to crushing or collapse; 11 workers for violence; 7 workers due to Electrical Shock; 6 workers due to Object Hit, Fall; 4 workers by suicide; 3 workers for Poisoning, Drowning; 1 worker per Cut or Breakage; 10 workers died for other reasons.


The distribution of occupational homicides by age groups in October is as follows:

1 child worker aged 14 and under, 2 child/young workers aged 15 to 17, 28 workers aged 18 to 29, 67 workers aged 30 to 49, 32 workers aged 50 to 64, 8 workers aged 65 and under. In addition, 12 workers, whose ages we do not know, lost their lives.

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Source: Sozcu


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