Can you get married for 150 thousand liras?

AKP Member İnan: Concern about getting married is global, it is also in the US.

The proposal prepared by AKP deputies on the creation of the Family and Youth Fund was accepted by the Parliamentary Health Commission. The AKP’s Kadir İnan, one of the architects of the proposal, explained why they wanted to create the fund and argued that the concerns of young people in Turkey and the United States were the same.

İnan said: “Our state supports young people in every way and on all issues, both materially and morally, and does whatever is necessary. There is no step that our government cannot take for young people. We know that, by nature, every young person has concerns about his future, regardless of his financial potential: ‘How will I get married, where will I study, will I be able to look after myself?’ These concerns are global, they exist in both the United States and Türkiye. “With our proposal we intend to minimize the concerns of our young people in the process of starting a family,” he said.


Hedep Kocaeli deputy Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu considered the loan of 150 thousand lira to young people who are getting married insufficient and said: “Let’s get to the reality of the matter: can friends get married for 150 thousand lira? Do you think it is possible to get married for 150,000 lire nowadays? Marriage for 150,000 lira at a time when inflation is out of control. “I think it should be at least 250,000 lire,” he said.

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Source: Sozcu


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