A profitable transformation was issued for 3 cities.

A profitable transformation was issued for 3 cities.

It was claimed that with the urban transformation law hastily passed by the Turkish Grand National Assembly, real estate in Istanbul, Antalya and Hatay would be converted into rentals. Sources evaluating the regulation stated that real estate with high profit potential in big cities, especially Hatay, which was destroyed by the earthquake, as well as Istanbul and Antalya, will be seized from their rightful owners through the use of articles of the ” reserve zone” and luxury residences. , shopping centers and hotels can be built in their places.


With the entry into force of the new regulation, the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change will now be able to declare any area wherever it wants as a “reserve area”, regardless of whether there are houses in it or not. Those who have homes or businesses in places declared as reservation areas may be sent to other places within 90 days. These areas can be completely demolished and handed over to TOKİ or large contracting companies and turned into profits.

To date, areas where many citizens have homes in many cities have been declared reserve areas. When the matter was brought to court, the courts stayed the executions on the grounds that only empty areas could be declared reserve areas. Sources claim that with the new law any place can be declared a reserve zone without the court stopping it, and said: “While Hatay, which was destroyed by the earthquake, is being rebuilt, it is said that especially regions with high rent It will be declared a reserve area and taken away from the rightful owners. This law was expected to be passed for a long time in many places in Istanbul that they wanted to take away from the citizens, the public or the military and turn them into profits. “Antalya will be one of the first application areas due to its high rents,” he said.

There is a violation of property rights.

During debates in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, CHP deputies said that people’s registered homes and workplaces could be seized and that they would ask the Constitutional Court to annul articles of the regulation that violate property rights. However, since the decisions of the Constitutional Court are not retroactive, it is claimed that the targeted areas can be declared reserve areas and converted to profit in a short time. In this context, it is also stated that citizens who have had their homes and workplaces taken away may be sent to other locations.

Source: Sozcu


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