The snacks did not listen to the crisis and the pandemic

The snacks did not listen to the crisis and the pandemic

The snacks did not listen to the crisis and the pandemic

All Despite the pandemic and crisis, Turkey increased snack consumption, which is one of the five sectors expected to grow the fastest in the coming years, along with sectors such as artificial intelligence and finance in the world. Mondelez International Turkey CEO İhsan Karagöz noted that despite price increases due to inflation and some chocolate products now falling into the luxury category, volumetric growth has been experienced in areas such as gum. chewing, chocolate and confectionery, and that between 10 and 15 percent based on tonnage Growth has also been observed. Karagöz stated that the chewing gum market in Turkey alone amounts to 200 million dollars and noted that at the moment they do not prioritize profitability due to costs.


“Türkiye is an important base for Mondolez. Karagöz said: “Foreign capital is important not only in terms of the money coming to Turkey, but also in terms of Turkey’s integration into the international arena.” Regarding the current market situation, “trade has slowed down a bit lately. Austerity policies have made payments a bit more difficult. Especially in the last 4 or 5 months, we are starting to not feel this. We will feel it even more next year coming. Our customers who have payment habits also experience late payments. “But the market will continue to grow,” he said.

500 euros per kilo

Stating that they implemented the “Greening Gum Trees” project to strengthen the mastic in cooperation with the Tohum Association, İhsan Karagöz announced that they have brought more than 1,000 gum trees. Karagöz stated that next year cocoa prices in euros will increase by 40 percent and that the raw material is of great importance, Karagöz stated that projects related to mastic gum, which costs 500 euros per kilogram, will continue after 30 years.

Source: Sozcu


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