5 billion for student residences, 13 billion for prisons

5 billion for student residences, 13 billion for prisons

5 billion for student residences, 13 billion for prisons

Students He is experiencing a housing crisis because he cannot find a place in the state dormitories, he cannot go to the university he attended, and his enrollment is suspended. Families cannot rent houses for their children or send them to private dormitories due to high rents and fees. The government does not solve the problem of housing students living on the streets by building a sufficient number of new dormitories, but attaches special importance to the construction of new prisons.


The Ministry of Justice will spend 13.682 billion lira to build 12 new prisons in 2024. The Ministry of Youth and Sports allocated only 5.86 billion lira for the construction of new dormitories and increasing capacity in 2024. The Minister of Youth and Sports, Osman Aşkın Bak, announced this figure during budget discussions at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. In 2023, 5,362 million liras were allocated to this item. The new dormitory projects aim to increase the total capacity to 90 thousand in 2024-2025 and 2026.


It was observed that the amount allocated by the government for the construction of dormitories was less than the amount allocated for the construction of prisons. The amount allocated from the budget for 12 new prisons in 2024 was 2.3 times the amount allocated for dormitories. According to data from the Ministry of Justice, 13.682 million will be spent on 12 prisons that will be completed and open in 2024. In 2025, 19.20 million lira was allocated for 8 new prisons. In 2026, this figure will be 19,854 million liras. In Türkiye from October 1, 2023; There are a total of 405 penitentiary institutions, of which 274 are closed, 99 are open, 11 are closed for women, 8 are open for women, 9 are closed for children, and 4 are educational institutions for children.

Source: Sozcu


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