Federal Reserve Inflation Statement

Federal Reserve Inflation Statement

Federal Reserve Inflation Statement

The Chairman of the Federal Reserve (Fed), Jerome Powell, made a statement.

“September inflation data continued its downward trend but was less encouraging,” said Fed Chairman Powell, continuing his words as follows:

*Many indicators show that the labor market remains tight but is gradually cooling.


*Additional evidence of above-trend growth or continued labor market tightness may justify further tightening of monetary policy.

*New and old uncertainties complicate our task of balancing the risk of tightening monetary policy too much with the risk of tightening it too little.

*The economy does not appear to be struggling at current levels of official interest rates; It is difficult to predict where the adjustment will end.

*I believe that high bond interest rates are not due to high inflation expectations or expected interest rate increases. High bond interest rates tighten financial conditions.

US Inflation September Federal Reserve Bank Money

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