Increase in overtime pay for civil servants

Increase in overtime pay for civil servants

Overtime pay for civil servants will increase by 87 percent in 2024

Overtime wages for civil servants will increase from 5 lira 40 kuruş to 10 lira 10 kuruş in the new year.

According to information collected from the Central Government Budget Bill 2024, hourly overtime pay for civil servants will increase by 87 percent in the new year. The overtime wage, which was 5 lira and 40 kuruş in 2023, will increase to 10 lira and 10 kuruş from January 1, 2024.

In the new year, overtime of 10 lira 70 kuruş instead of 5 lira 70 kuruş will be paid to all staff, including office drivers working in the special secretariat directorates of the ministries, with a maximum of 90 hours per month, and drivers working in central organizations. of general directions will be paid up to a maximum of 60 hours.

Not exceeding a total of 450 hours per month for each position, including chairman of the board (ministries), general manager and senior unit managers, head of strategic development, governor, general and admiral, Ministry of National Defense, General Staff, commands of strength. and the Gendarmerie General Command and Personnel working with the department head of the Coast Guard Command, senior unit managers, the rector, metropolitan and provincial mayors will be paid 10 liras and 70 kuruş per hour, without exceed 90 hours per month.

Among staff working in dormitories affiliated with the General Directorate of Credits and Dormitories and universities, those who do not have the opportunity to receive leave in exchange for their overtime will receive an additional payment of 10 liras and 10 kuruş per hour. not exceed 90 hours per month.

Administrative staff of the Ministry of National Education working in secondary technical and vocational education institutions associated with vocational schools located in the technical and vocational education region will receive 17 lira and 20 kuruş per hour, not exceeding 100 hours per month, for the extra hours. they actually work after the end of the legal work day.


The amounts of domestic allowances and compensation to be awarded in accordance with the Travel Subsidies Law have also been redetermined. In the new year, the internal daily allowance to be paid to the president of the Turkish Grand National Assembly and vice presidents will increase from 270 lira to 500 lira.

President of the Constitutional Court, ministers, Chief of the General Staff, deputies, force commanders, Commander General of the Gendarmerie, Commander of the Coast Guard, Head of Administrative Affairs of the Presidency, Secretary General of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, generals of full right, admirals, Supreme Presidents of the Court of Appeals, the Council of State, the Court of Disputes and the Court of Accounts, the Attorney General of the Supreme Court of Appeals, the Council of State The national daily salary of the Attorney General, of the Presidents of the Council of Religious Affairs and of the superiors Education and the Chief Ombudsman will increase from 250 lira to 480 lira.

The national daily wage will increase to 465 lira for civil servants with a supplementary indicator of 8,000 and more. The lowest ranking officer will receive 400 lire. (AA)

CONSTITUTION President Republic Council of State Religious Affairs General Staff Chief of the General Staff Ministry of National Education Ministry of National Defense Rector Court of Accounts Grand National Assembly of Turkey Supreme Court

Source: Sozcu


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