Tomorrow begins the return to their owners of vehicles seized in employer parking lots

Tomorrow begins the return to their owners of vehicles seized in employer parking lots

Tomorrow the process of returning 1.5 million seized vehicles that are inactive in the administrators’ parking lots begins. Citizens whose vehicles have been seized due to bank and personal accounts receivable will be able to recover their vehicles within 10 days from tomorrow.

Rasim Uluç, president of the Federation of Warehouse Operations and Parking Crane Rescue Carriers of All Trustees, made an assessment on the issue.

Uluç stated that in Turkey there are approximately 1.5 million vehicles in the trustees’ parking lots and stated that through them “25 billion dollars” can be contributed to the economy.

Uluç stated that in this way the sector will be reactivated and stated: “If the vehicles are sold, the debtor will be freed from his debt and the creditor will be freed from his accounts receivable. Our state will also have a Motor Vehicle Tax (MTV). The MTV amount in question amounts to between 3 and 4 billion dollars. As trustee, we issue invoices for these vehicles. “20 per cent of this will be VAT and the rest will be recorded as corporate and income tax.” saying.

Uluç, who reported that sales of 700,000 vehicles began in Turkey in early November, stated that there are 1,600 vehicles in Ankara’s parking lots.

Uluç emphasized that the vehicle return period owed to the owner will begin for 10 days from tomorrow and said:

“Citizens who have seized or impounded vehicles due to bank and personal accounts receivable can go to the nearest enforcement office starting tomorrow, fill out their application forms and petitions, pay the manager’s parking fee, and then collect their vehicles. They can get their vehicles without paying any other fees. ‘


‘I bought my vehicle and got rid of my debt.’ There is no such situation. If the debt is not paid, the foreclosure situation continues. Most commercial vehicles. The State tells the interested party: “Use your vehicle, pay your debt.” he says. For vehicles not picked up by their owners, the return process to the individuals and organizations holding the lien (creditor) will begin on December 5. “An electronic sale process (e-auction) will begin for vehicles that have not been acquired by their creditors.”

Uluç stated that they sold vehicles seized at customs in the first 10 days and said: “The Ministry of Commerce makes sales in the Tasiş electronic environment. Vehicles are purchased here and sold by Tasiş. The number of vehicles that reach us by this means is between 1 and 2 percent. “We hand these vehicles over to customs at the end of the 10-day period.” saying.

In the second 10-day period, Uluç stated that the tax offices have cars based on public receivables, that there are about 10 to 15 percent of the vehicles here, and that the bidding period will expire.


To participate in the tenders it is necessary to be a citizen of the Republic of Turkey and deposit the specified guarantee. Those who do not want to participate in the tender will be able to withdraw their deposit. In the event of sale, the vehicles may be taken over through the payment provided by law.

While the person purchasing the vehicle only pays the purchase price, none of the parking fees or fines are binding on the buyer. Any deficiencies in the vehicle are covered by the buyer at the time of purchase.

In sales made through bidding, if more than one person requests the same vehicle, the user who bids the highest price becomes the new owner of the vehicle.


If the remaining vehicles cannot be sold through electronic bidding, they will be transferred to Makine ve Kimya Endüstrisi AŞ (MKE) for the price determined by law, taking into account public interest. In the event of a sale and transfer of ownership, the proceeds will be paid to the rights holders who will be retained.

If the specified goods are not transferred to MKE AŞ, they will be transferred to the Red Crescent free of charge to prevent them from rotting and damaging the country’s economy and environment. (AA)

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Source: Sozcu


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