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“Swiss tanks are a dead end” Related articles

The Netherlands wants to buy dozens of Leopard 1 tanks from a Swiss company to supply to Ukraine, reports ANP. But permission from the Swiss government...

Prison sentence for opposition leader confused the country: 9 dead

Prison sentence for opposition leader confused the country: 9 dead After the Senegalese court...

Bloomberg: The name that will be the Minister of Finance and Treasury has been announced

Bloomberg: Mehmet Şimşek will be Minister of Finance and Finance While President Erdoğan was...





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New car sales record

New car sales record Data from the Association of Automotive and...

Rutte awaits party congress full of critical VVD members Related articles

VVD supporters are likely to set Prime Minister Rutte on fire during the party congress this weekend. The right wing of the party...

US Debt Limit Bill Passes Senate

US Debt Limit Bill Passes the Senate The US Senate has...

It was an event that took the confidential documents with him… “I had the right,” he said.

Former President Trump Speaks Out About Classified Documents Former President Donald...

Rutte wants more Patriot missiles in Ukraine Related articles

Prime Minister Mark Rutte will continue to lobby inside and outside Europe to send more weapons to Ukraine. During yesterday's informal European summit...

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